LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Hope House is a place for women and children to escape domestic violence. Monday was the unveiling of this sewing room, which Hope House is calling a shelter within a shelter.

“This could probably help me get outside of my head,” said one Hope House resident and survivor of domestic violence.

She says she’s looking forward to using this new Sacred Sewing Room to clear her head.

“It’s not only going to be a place for the women to create, but a place to meditate,” said the CEO of Enchanted Makeovers, Terry Grahl.

She says the idea is to create an environment to help the victims cope and heal.

“I just want the Sacred Sewing Room just to be a ray of light and hope and just to know that you’re worthy and that you matter,” added Grahl.

Enchanted Makeovers teamed up with Baby Lock Sewing Machines for the 2014 Sacred Sewing Room Tour, traveling to various homeless shelters and creating sewing rooms.

“We are for the love of sewing which is deeper than ‘I’m doing some stitches, I’m going to make a bag,’” said Samantha Palmere, with Baby Lock Sewing Machine Company.

They revealed the Sacred Sewing Room at the Hope House on Monday, equipped with sewing machines and supplies.

“Sewing is so empowering, because you’re in control,” said Grahl.

The CEO of Hope House, Mary Anne Metheny, says she’s confident this new room will have a positive impact on the woman in the shelter.

“Just to have a place to be creative, to learn a new skill, to have a place to just go and relax, but then to come out with something that’s theirs, that they can keep for themselves, that they can give to someone else if they want, but something that they’ve made,” said Metheny.

You can read more at http://fox4kc.com/2014/09/08/hope-house-reveals-new-sacred-sewing-room/.