(ST. LOUIS) – A St. Louis shelter for abused women celebrates the Beauty of Sewing for mind and body. Detroit-based “Enchanted Makeovers” and “Baby Lock Sewing Machines” made “The Women’s Safe House“, the first stop in a national tour creating “The Sacred Sewing Room.”

The transformation includes a forest-themed wall mural, new floor, new machines and supplies.

According to the founder, it’s a unique space designed to help women living in shelters find creative fulfillment, build their confidence, and coping skills that will help them end the cycle of violence.

Terry Grahl, Enchanted Makeovers Founder: “This is a great not only coping skill, a life skill, but it helps you hope someday that it`s a way to provide your family financially. But what a great way to show your children how much you love them. That you`re making a handmade item, that you`re making your house a home. “

The women’s safe house can accommodate fifty women and children trying to escape an abusive home life. Baby Lock, a St. Louis based sewing machine company, got involved because the program has significant potential for improving the lives of the women and their children.

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